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JasonNumberThirteen's News

Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - 17 hours ago

I would like to announce my second videotutorial series called "PICO-8. Podstawy" (PICO-8. The Basics) which will be released on November 2, as the first chapter. In fact, it's in Polish language, but I'll try to make subtitles for movies if I find any requests. Like my previous course, this will also be shared between series and each series will be have 20 chapters. We'll see how long it will go, but if audience level will be high, then I'll start creating quite new videos as a continuation!!!

Trailer movie on YouTube

My main website

"PICO-8. Podstawy" on Facebook!

If you like this idea, subscribe on YouTube to be notified about the upcoming videos!



Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - 1 month ago

After couple of months I returned and began development of next upcoming project called "Turn Chase"! In fact, I started development in 1st July, but I forget to write about this here (once again). So sorry for additional waiting, head to the Twitter to see some GIFs of the prototype.



Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - May 6th, 2019


Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - April 29th, 2019

Finally, the newest trailer of my next upcoming game, "Jason Picross" is now released! Go see him on YouTube! Releasing in the next week!



Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - April 26th, 2019

Once again I forgot to post here my next plans, so don't be disappointed. Writing shortly, time comes for Picross!!!

My next game will represent logic genre where you have to discover an image inserting pixels in correct places looking on numeric hints written near the game board. Each wrong tile will cost you one life. When all lives will be depleted, level failed, but this time I removed completely time system, so you can plan everything without stress. I began development 15 days ago, so I assume the trailer comes at the beginning of May. Stay tuned, players!


Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - April 5th, 2019

At last, dear players, "Cellonix" has been released!!! You can now play the Free version here, on Kongregate, on itch.io and also on my main page which I strongly encourage you to visit right now! If the game will be great for you, don't forget to consider buying the Premium Edition at itch.io!






Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - March 31st, 2019

Trailer of my next game, "Cellonix" now available on YouTube!!!

Check out the movie right now: "Cellonix" - PICO-8 game trailer

The game will premiere in 5th April!


Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - March 26th, 2019

After failure of the "ASCBIIM" I started immediately working on the next project in order: "Cellonix". It will be a small remake of the "Xonix", well known DOS game released in 1984. There will be nothing special. Simple filling board with red color avoiding enemies moving constantly in diagonal direction. However, my version contains achievements (as always), but additionally rank points system which allows you to advance to next rank increasing movement speed which here is crucial if you want to fill huge area without fail. I hope this time will be much higher acceptation from society and you won't regret playing this game. I planning to release in April. Don't know when exactly yet.


Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - March 10th, 2019

Unfortunately, outstepping compressed size in PICO-8 forced me to cancel current project, "ASCBIIM". Right now I began creating another project which will be much smaller than previous due to long time from previous release.


Posted by JasonNumberThirteen - January 30th, 2019

Two weeks ago I began my next project called "ASCBIIM" wherein all game consists on ASCII characters only. Yesterday I finished prototype and now I'll start building menus and other secondary features to combine prototype mechanics with the rest parts of the game. There you will be forced to escape from rotating lasers which are deadly for player and enemies, push crates to take cover, gather ammo to fire to enemies, collect keys to unlock passage to another rooms, upgrade skills increasing chances to survive and of course, collect achievements! Here I also split the game into Free and Premium editions. I think it'll be ready at the end of February.